June Lake, California

"Our family welcomes yours!"
David and Denise Naaden

David and Denise Naaden and children (answers to most commonly asked questions are: yes, they are all ours, yes, all thirteen [two more arrived after this picture was taken] were born to David and Denise, and yes, we believe, "In God we trust") pictured here on the shore of beautiful Gull Lake with majestic Carson Peak towering in the background. This is just one of the many picturesque settings that you’ll discover in the scenic June Lake Loop in the Eastern Sierra Nevadas. Stay at the Naaden Family’s Reverse Creek Lodge for the cleanest cabins, the most serene location, and the friendliest of faces to greet you.

Family Discount: prove that the first and middle names of any member of your family matches any one of our children's and receive a 5% discount on your stay. You have a litany of thirteen names to qualify from! (Discount valid one time only.)